Movie Analogies for Structural Power


I was poking through the philosophy section of WordPress and ran into this. It draws a comparison between modern society and the matrix in The Matrix, namely in the use of structural power. The discussion isn’t quite what we talked about in class, it focuses less on abstract concepts and more on the current world situation, but I found the analogy to the Matrix quite accurate.


6 Responses to “Movie Analogies for Structural Power”

  1. Stephen Polsky Says:

    I appreciate your reference to my post. It definitely keeps me motivated to write articles similar in subject matter.
    I noticed you are a professor, or at least teach a class on the concept of power (duh), but I would also like to have a more professional opinion on the subject. Do you think anyone would be interested reading a much more detailed analysis of the three movies?

    Again, I appreciate your reference to my post, and I hope to hear back from you regarding this subject.

    • falloftheyear Says:

      I’m not actually the professor of the class, just a student. Posting on this blog is part of a class assignment. I’m really gad you commented. I have a tendency to forget that there are actually people behind what I read on the internet, a notion I am happy to be disabused of.
      I can’t really help you with your question because I am not a professional and thus not able to give a professional opinion. I certainly wouldn’t mind reading more, but that’s just my personal opinion. Good luck with all your writing.

      • Stephen Polsky Says:

        Yeah, I ended up realizing that (you aren’t the professor) after I spent 5 minutes more reading through this blog, lol. But I’m glad to open you up to what makes the internet amazing. Everything posted was created by a human being. Many people have the barrier you talked about, and don’t treat the ideas as if they come from a person. Instead they treat it as if the material just suddenly manifested itself into a blog on someones site :P.

  2. abbyb7 Says:

    You mentioned in your article that now that we have the technology communism has a much better chance in succeeding. Obviously there needs to be a slow and smooth transition if this is going to work. Unfortunately I believe that if the world economy improves people could easily loose interest in the idea of a communist world. Do you believe that if the economy recovers the middle class could loose interest in social reform? While communism would eventually benefit everyone I believe that people tend to live in the “now” and if they live in the “now” then they are more likely to put off a plan for something that could benefit them in the long term for something that could benefit them now.

  3. Stephen Polsky Says:

    Well, the way the world is going currently, we are still looking at another crash, caused my social instability. If you haven’t read the rest of my articles, I strongly recommend it. The framework behind each article builds onto the last, in some way.
    At this point, many middle class members of society have fallen into poverty because of their loss of jobs, and inability to pay for the things that they owned on credit. If the creditors and banks continue collect the items, then we’ll fall into the trap of a monopoly. Everyone knows what a monopoly is, but many people are not truly aware of what a monopolized state actually could mean for our everyday lives.
    The ones that do, are the ones who I say have “unplugged”, because they also realize that the transition from a socioeconomic state is moving to an oligarchic-economic state. The bank owners, are essentially a small group of people who could monopolize whatever market they desire. Notice when the housing market fell, banks took homes from people? Technically the bank now owns that house. It’s only a matter of time, before there are thousands of homes with no one living in them, and hundreds of thousands of people surrounding those homes finally realize that the resources still exist, but the means to “pay” has failed.
    The transition to communism would be once it gets bad enough for the average person. When you have an uproar of people who are pissed at the people with money, they will stop caring about it, and move onto another form of payment for services. It would require a complete and total release of all natural resources from “ownership”, in this case from banks.
    In order for us to provide a service to those who provide the resource, as a human race, we would have to agree to allow the bankers to live in comfort forever. Most people in the world are angry with money, but it’s still an accepted form of currency. Once money stops being accepted by people in exchange for goods and services, communism will start to take hold.
    There is a new “system” that has been developed that I would love to share with you guys. The system is called “The Venus Project”. A resource-based economy, not a monetary economy.
    The designer of the Venus Project is an absolute genius, and it’s his thoughts that have primarily sparked my interest toward communism, although they are two very different systems, they are still resource-based economies.

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