North Korea


In March 26th, 2010, a dramatic “accident” happened in South Korea which pushed everyone into deep sadness and madness. One of the 1200 ton Navy-vessel called “Chun-an Ham” sank and killed 46 young-navy soldiers. A huge hole in the bottom divided the vessel into two pieces and ultimately caused the vessel to sink slowly. Residents in the near land did hear loud explosion, but they thought it was mere practices navies do. 58 out of 104 soldiers escaped before the vessel sank and last 46 soldiers who failed to escape were labeled as “missing”. But soon as vessel was pulled up, rescuers found death bodies of all 46 soldiers. Not knowing the detailed causes of the accident, citizens initially displayed their sadness for the death of 46 innocent soldiers. However, citizen’s sadness slowly changed to madness and anger as investigation went on. Looking at the cuts and how metal of the vessel is rolled up from the bottom, numerous scientists assert that a strong missile must have hit the bottom of the vessel. Political leaders think that North Korean carried an attack. Although, nothing is for sure and no clear evidences advocate scientists and political leaders claim, it was enough to put everyone into madness.
This accident put me into some thought. Let’s just assume that North Korea did attack South Korea, even willing to engage on a war. I started to think, was it really necessary for North Korea to make a violent movement? To achieve a short-term politic goal? What would be that be? Then I realized that this incident clearly demonstrates Arendt’s points about a pure violence caused by human’s desire for dominance over the other (p. 36.) Various countries including USA and South Korea gave enormous attentions and helps to North Korea, yet the government of North Korea did not create any open and easy relationship with any other countries. Rather, they decide to stand against to all the nations and to display the extreme form of violence where one is against all (p.42). It was possible with the instrument as Arendt asserted; with small armed navy, North Korea was able to not only pull down a large vessel but impact everyone in South Korea.
Moreover, North Korea possesses few characteristics of a corrupt country that cannot function right according to Arendt. He claims that “Power is never the property of an individual” meaning a person cannot hold the power infinitely, but it must move from one to the other. A tyranny president, Jung-Ill Kim remained in the full control over the country for nearly 20 years and brought terror (the form of government that comes into being when violence, having destroyed all power, does not abdicate but on the contrary, remains in full control [p.55]). Knowing the circumstances of North Korea where majority of the citizens are dying with hunger and their freedom is suppressed, the dictatorship and the violence caused by the current government must end to bring the peace to not only in North Korea but to all the nations.


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