aid vs. security


I remember watching a movie called “2012” few months ago. Movie was based on natural disaster, depicted human’s fear and selfishness but also human’s ability to cooperate and help one another. Few characters from the movie are very well categorized. one who makes the move to save everyone, one who is very selfish (wanting to save only himself and his children), and one who desires to save people but reluctant to make the move. I think, “people who is very selfish and who is reluctant to make the move” are created because their security and safety is not guaranteed. And through their action of not wanting to help others, more violence and chaos were created. “Wanting to live” is human’s basic instinct and desire and

he argues that we need security because without it, there will be social atomization and violence, but perhaps it is the other way around.  Perhaps it is the arrival of security forces that leads to the forms of helplessness and social atomization that produce violence.  Perhaps, in other words, the “securitization” of aid relief actually produces the very behaviors that make it necessary in the first place.


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