True Confessions post Leviathan


I’m embarrassed to admit my ignorance – but will take advantage of this space  to do just that.

Prior to our first assigned reading I had embedded in my brain the pictures of our founding fathers signing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.    I knew only two things – (1) we were a rag-tag group of people who didn’t want to pay taxes to England, and (2) we wanted religious freedom.  And from those two bits of information had assumed that those dedicated, intelligent men  gathered and formed a nation.   For all these years I  have held them in awe for their ability to imagine and create our society.  I never considered that there was political thought prior to their thought – never considered that they were part of a continuum of thinkers.

It was very energizing to discover differently.  That it’s not only important to trace the historical events that led us to where we are now, but to acquire an awareness of what people were thinking during those times.  And perhaps, most important of all to realize that we too are part of the continuum of thinkers.


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